About Mestertrae

Mestertrae Cultural Craftsmanship was established in 1989 and is represented by us, Henrik and Stefanie, as we share a passion for sculptures and wooden constructions.

We have settled in the beautiful surroundings south of Silkeborg, creating a cozy working environment with training facilities. Additionally, we offer various courses to interested individuals.

Our courses cover a wide range of wood techniques, extending to art therapeutic practices. With our well-founded experience, we can craft sculptures for playgrounds, parks, nonprofit institutions, and private clients.


Born in 1973 in Penrith, Australia.

From 1977, I grew up in the Swabian region (District of Schwäbisch Hall) in Germany.

Between 1995 and 2020, I gave birth to and joyfully accompanied the development of four children. Alongside my time as a mother, I enthusiastically attended numerous acrylic, calligraphy, and watercolor courses. Additionally, I completed two semesters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and two semesters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nürtingen. I underwent over 30 weeks of sculptor training at the Geisler-Moroder Carving School in Austria. I sold my crafted products at arts and crafts markets in Southern Germany.

Certified as a Creative Trainer in 2020,

I find joy and dedication in sculpting, carving, painting, and creating with various materials such as wood, stone, bark and leather. In the future, I will be crafting art and cultural goods with my husband in my beautiful new home in Denmark




Born in 1952 in Valby, raised on a small farm with horses and various animals. Lived in Norway for 12 years, where I trained as a carpenter and carpentry. Worked for several years as a supervisor in an open-air museum with a focus on reconstruction.

I have 6 adult children and grandchildren, all loved and a great source of inspiration.

Always influenced by the shapes in nature, I was trained in log cabin construction with hand tools at a young age. Over time, this led to numerous log cabins with various carved portals.

In the last 25 years, I have increasingly focused on sculpture, relief carving, and construction projects. I have attended numerous sculpture courses in Southern England and Austria.

I have also taught courses in log cabin construction, portal carving, and sculpture in Norway, the USA, and Denmark. Whenever the opportunity arises, I am eager to continue offering courses.